Steve has been simply brilliant for me. An truly compassionate and affable man who quickly set out clear and simple pathways to, (in my case), vastly better mental health and outlook, bringing with it control and empowerment over dispiriting, occasionally unbearable aspects of my life. Besides the practices that were an immeasurable help and are now a happy fixture in my day, Steve lays out in explicable terms for the layperson what happens in the brain and reasons why we react to certain situations in ways that may continue cycles of anxiety, depression, addiction and so on, and how to break them. This of course gave me much greater comprehension of my situation and thereby, again, control. Though I first met Steve to discuss my depression and procrastination, I had also had desires to curb my drinking for a while. Though I certainly had the want to do something about it, I severely doubt that without Steve’s help in those other areas, I would have had the mental preparedness to finally go ahead and not only curb , but quit a severe alcohol dependency of twenty years; and though it has by no means been easy, it has been with more calm determination and a sense of fulfilment than I could have dreamt of. In short, I’m insurmountably grateful to him and couldn’t recommend him highly enough.


I approached Steve to help me manage my stress and anxiety after a really tough period. His guidance, exercises and expertise were such a huge help for me to find more balance and have moved me in the right direction. I feel I have the tools to move forward and that's all thanks to Steve. I would totally recommend his therapy to anyone looking for help.

Weight Lifting with Iron

10:00 am

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