Steve Peck

I have always felt that the most profound experience one can have is that of sharing in another person's story...Their worldview. Their model of reality.

Joining in this experience offers information about the most mysterious questions: 

What are we? Why are we here? How do we thrive?

Attempting to practice this connection with others on a daily basis has brought me here, offering you access to my wealth of experience and training in coaching and psychotherapy.

That journey started formally about twenty years ago. I felt drawn to a course in integrative counselling, but I couldn't help but feel that something was missing. That the techniques that were being taught weren't really effective...weren't really doing anyone any good. Therapist or client. So, I pursued my career as a performer. But I continued my interest in psychotherapy, closely following new breakthroughs and approaches that could enable people to develop more healthily and to escape mental illness. 

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Steve Peck


My practice:

"Give them a fish, they'll starve in a week...teach them how to fish and they'll thrive forever."

Thank you for visiting my website. I am here to offer you access to a wealth of experience and training in coaching and psychotherapy.

My journey in psychotherapy started wenty years ago when I felt drawn to a course in integrative counselling. However on that course, I couldn't help but feel that something was missing. The techniques that were being taught weren't really effective or founded in theory that anyone could understand - therapist or client.

Now though, the Human Givens Approach has revolutionised psychotherapy, building on half a century of positive psychology. For the first time in human history, there is a framework for understanding mental health that encompasses all of human culture and psychological understanding under one organising idea. The models that I use commit to therapeutic outcomes and empirically provable benefits; unlike all other previous forms of psychotherapy.

Understanding what we need in order to thrive and what resources we have available to us that get those vital needs met is the foundation to

Steve Peck Psycotherapy

progressing our lives in order to move forwards out of mental illness, or to move forwards in thriving...so what are these new approaches to mental health that i use?

The Human Givens needs and resources model of mental health...

All living things come into being with a set of needs. If those needs are met, then the organism thrives. Human beings are the most complex organisms and it follows that we have the most complex set of needs. For mental health we have a set of emotional needs. When these needs are met we cannot be mentally unwell. By focusing on how you can get these emotional needs met, then we can utilise the innate resources that we are all born with and apply them to your unique life to enable you to thrive.

The emotional needs are:

Security, Control, Attention, Community, Status, Emotional Connection, Privacy, Achievement and Meaning and Purpose.

Resource model of Human Health

Typically I see my clients for six sessions, although sometimes there are more complex issues at work that require longer term support. A typical session will involve checking how well your emotional needs are being met and exploring what can be done to improve them. I will always send you an email summary of our session including agreed insights and tasks to perform inbetween our meeting. In this way we maximise the work that we do together so that you can freely move forwards without my help as soon as you are comfortable doing so.

About me

Throughout my life, the potential of the individual has fascinated me.

I grew up in a family that fostered over fifty children in thirty years, and I have lived experience of all aspects of mental ill health, with some tragice examples of needs not being met. 
I am a parent to two extraordinary young men who I raised with their mother from the tender age of twenty. My large extended family steeped me in the arts, religion and philosophy and from a tradition of performing Shakespeare in my childhood I
 pursued a career as a performer.

Steve Peck Psychotherapy

Throughout my life I have fostered much interest in psychotherapy, closely following new breakthroughs that could enable people to develop more healthily and to be mentally healthy. This understanding aligned with the psychological tradjectory of my career in the theatre.

Steve Peck Psychotherapy

complicit combination with others. This is quite aside from the power of the content; the stories that are told...and it is the power of stories that is a key component of the therapuetic approach that I use now in my everyday practice.

A critical aspect of my theatrical training and endeavour celebrates the potential of the individual while exploring the obstacles and difficulties that inhibit the fulfillment of that potential. Performers are themselves an exponent of the wonder of humanity, sharpening their physical, creative and mental acuity on order to deliver a performance. The performance itself exemplerary of what can be achieved when we work together in open fearless connectedness; what can be achieved when we engage our innate gifts, physical and abstract, in