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We all want to feel good and enjoy the challenges in life,

but it's not always that simple.

How to stop depression? 

How to control anxiety?

How to change troubling memories and behaviours?

Therapy &


I use The Human Givens Approach, a modern, groundbreaking psychotherapy which offers powerful therapeutic tools for relief from even the most severe mental health conditions.

This scientifically proven therapy helps you to overcome challenging obstacles and 

alter unwanted patterns of behaviour.

Your intelligence, your ingenuity, your experiences are powerful attritubutes unique to you.


When accurately utilised, these assets enable you to thrive in all areas of life. 

We all have the capacity to thrive in our environment, to enjoy the best of life's experiences, 

no matter how challenging, no matter what we feel is missing right now.

Working together we can find a framework of understanding and a pathway of action that can bring your emotional resources into bloom, lifting to a place of balanced prosperity and optimal effectiveness in every aspect of your unique life.


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Let's get specific.

There's always room for improvement. Perhaps we have a desire to move jobs, or maybe we want to change an unhealthy habit. Or do we dream of a clearer space in which to live more comfortably or of having a companion in life?

 Change towards a goal can be difficult to plan and emotionally troubling.

Mental health isn't just about being mentally well. Sometimes it's about improving your performance in all the endeavours that you wish to engage with. Whatever you're hoping to achieve, you want to be performing as optimally as you possibly can.

Using a variety of strategies, we can secure a clear perspective and establish a map for success.

"There is nothing like a dream to create the future..." Umberto Eco